Manly Lifestyle Changes

I used to be in great physical condition. I was one of my school’s star athletes back in my high school days and even got an athletic scholarship for water polo. I graduated college and stayed in shape for several years because I was a coach for the sport. I even got into other sports like tennis in order to stay active and healthy.

But I eventually decided to switch jobs and get into the sales business. I had a wife and child to support so I needed to be earning a little bit more income. I was (and still am) quite successful in this business. I’m thankful to be able to provide for my family and I really enjoy what I do.

As the years have gone by, however my new (more sedentary) job started taking its toll on my health. I gained weight and I didn’t look or feel nearly as good as I used to. I knew some of this was a part of getting older, but it seemed like my lifestyle choices were aging me much more quickly than the years were. I decided that it was time for me to start changing some things.

One night I was watching TV and noticed they were advertising some kind of “testosterone booster” type product. But I was a little bit skeptical and decided to do some research about it online. I learned that these pills are usually just some kind of scam–there really isn’t much (if any) science to back what these supplement makers claim.

Fortunately I did find something that seemed much more promising: The Man Diet by Chad Howse. It wasn’t that expensive and came with a money-back guarantee so I decided to give it a shot.

So far I have really been impressed with the information contained in this book. I’ve


learned that the type of foods I put into my body can positively or negatively affect my testosterone levels. It seems many of the things that are good for my health are also good for my hormones (kind of a win-win situation). One thing that surprised me is learning that certain fats are not the enemy I once thought. Howse even mentions that certain foods can be timed for maximizing testosterone production.

I decided to go ahead and order The Man Workout because I had joined a gym and wanted a guide to help me with exercise selection (as well as the number of reps I should do, etc.). This turned out to be another nice little addition to the plan.

So far things are going really well with this new plan. My energy levels have improved greatly and I have lost some of the fat I had been allowing to build up over the years. My libido has improved as well, which makes both my wife and me happy.

I’m not a doctor, of course, and I’d advise you to have a checkup before you do any kind of exercise plan. You may even find that you have issues that can’t be fully corrected by workout out and eating better.

But this plan has helped me and it may do the same for you if you are in the same situation I was. I had no major health problems but needed to get myself back in shape.